My name is Hope, Esperanza in Italian , I believe. I was born on the 3d of May in Serres, a small town in Greece, near Thessaloniki.I am in my last year at Lyceum and I am preparing for medical school. Music is my hobby, my life, one of the things I love most. I have been playing the piano from the age of six, and later I started playing the classical and the electric guitar .For me music is a means of expression, the most universal and sincere in life. Actually I believe music is the only thing in life that will never betray you and will always stand by you, no matter what.

When u started doing the singer?

I have studied solfege along with the piano and my music teacher, Natasha, remarked I have a very special hue and nice voice. She insisted I start singing lessons. I first started singing in school and at some point I joined an amateur band as a lead singer, which was my first experience as a singer. The band’s name was Blessed by Hope and though it didn’t last much it gave me my first experience of a live performance and of a studio.

How to become a hard  metal rock band ?

I love all kinds of music. I like classical music and the piano, but metal is my love. It may be because at home everyone was listening to this music, but also some friends influenced me .Especially my best friends Nick Greek who taught me thrash metal and Nick Lucas who taught me punk and showed me my first chords on the electric guitar, and A.k.Phillips who made me buy an electric guitar.

In order to be in a metal band, or in any band, first of all you must love music. As well, you need to study music, listen to all kinds, and try no matter how hard it may be. Patience and a lot of work is the key.

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Where  do  you had toured the place avaiable?

I have had lives only in Serres, with my best experience my participation with MADRAKE band in the annual Metal Festival held in Serres. Breakpoint is an important event in Greece, it is an annual festival where groups from all over the country present their work. Oh, hahahaha, and I have sung in Italy, in Palermo, when I participated in a school performance as part of a Comenius project.( knocking on heaven’s doors, Bob Dylan)

Do you have problems with ur first band and  why did you decide to join with the  Madrake band ?

My first band was a nice experience and I thank them for the chance they gave me, but for many reasons it didn’t last. I have a school band, Secret Shadows where we play mostly covers of alternative rock and punk. We have good cooperation and fun in the studio, and during lives but it is just a school band.

Madrake are a heavy metal band from Thessaloniki, I am not a part of the band, it was just a cooperation for the music festival. Madrake comprises of very talented people who create powerful music, and I believe they have a great future.

(Madrake were officially formed in 2009 by two friends Billy A. and S.P. RodGatt(ex-Emerald Sun, ex-Dimansion) whose only desire was to create a classic heavy metal band with a new sound. After several changes of band members, Madrake finally manage to complete their line-up in the end of 2010 with Tsaky Dee on drums, Tasos I. on guitars and Nick Garas(ex-Stigma) on vocals and decided to enter their studio to record their first official E.P. “The Damage Is Done”. The band is fully active playing wherever is possible and continues composing songs for their upcoming full length album.)

What are the future palns of  the band and what are your future plans?

The band works hard and is continually creating, preparing their full length album as well as touring in the country and abroad and I am sure the music community will be nicely surprised by their work.As far as I am concerned I keep on hard work, as there is a lot to learn and I try to improve myself everyday.And of course there are a lot of things to discover. I hope life will surprise me nicely  in many ways in music and not only. As I am only 17 I believe there are a lot of things to happen in my life and I hope music will always be part of it.

Thank you very much for your time and hope to see you soon on tour in Italy

Grazie, I hope I will have the chance to visit Italy again,  a country with tradition in music and great musicians and bands and I hope the Italians will love the work of the heavy metal band from Greece MADRAKE


Donatella Pristipino

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