Sabah Zaman

Sabah Zaman

Hi Sabah, wellcome to Il Metropolitano. Thanks for your time

How long have u been modelling for? How did you start?

I m modeling since 5 years i started when i was 18 in england .

You did catwalking, events, shooting and you won miss Dubai: what is the achievement you are mostly proud of?

I got spoted on te street by a magzine editor in uk she gave me her business card and ask me to come for audition.

What do you feel when you think so many people look at your pictures or that a teen ager look at you as role model?

Being selected as miss dubai is the high light of my carrer so far. and doing some wonderful fasion shows wit great designers.

You were born and grew up in London but, travelling a lot, you have been many times in Middle East: have you notice any big change in Arab world recently?

Im very honored to be in such a position how ever this comes with a big risponsibilty ensuring correct values and principles are represented for the youth to look up to.

In Middle East the role of women is different than many western countries and to some extent has much more restriction in public life. Do you think that your activity as model can help Middle Eastern women gaining for freedom?

All culture and values must be maintained.

What are you next projects? Any plan to come to Italy?

Yes i have a lot of new projects in the pipe line will share later.

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