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Hello Huynh Tien! Il Metropolitano be happy to interview you today. Please introduce a bit about you.



My name is Pham Huynh Thuy Tien . my nickname is Huynh Tien, 08/09/1995 ( 18 years old ) i come from Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam country . I am a fashion model , working for Venus company

1 Why you to be a fashion model? Do you love and passion for this job? Do you ever think you would become a fashion model?

Accidentally, in my 13th year, on the way go school . i stop to buy a food in a road near his home shall be Vu Khac Tiep (company director venus) Detection and give me the card of his company and asked me to become a fashion model company of him. I was nervous for fear of being deceived and I doesn’t knows about fashion , then I went to google search his name Vu Khac Tiep then I believe it’s true … I am happy to tell my family and everyone in the family to support me. The next morning I went with my mother go to the address of the company’s Venus and the career path I started from the unexpected.
From an early age I have dreams of becoming a fashion model and I have the qualities to be a model since was small .. My height is 1m80 since I was 15 years old so I do not worry when participating to be model …. so I think I will succeed in the way of fashion

2 Do you feel nervous in first catwalk ? How is your training ? Please tell me about a memorable thing about your job
I trained in a professional manner … Fortunately, thanks to the help of the previous more model. Although I trained a time not long I understand the basics on how to go, how I look and how to handle on the catwalk. When I first step on the catwalk one bit nervous one bit of fun .. first catwalk are not excellent but I am so happy cause i has doing my ability ….
As a model there are have many memories to say . My most memorable took the biggest Festival of organized by my company .. At that time it was my turn out performances then I was stumble because my dress too longs I do not control in the legs should have tripped and fell . I was very afraid. I do not know what to do ….but everyone was clapping encouragement should i got the confidence to stand up and take next. finished the show I did not dare look at anyone because I’m hangdog (smile)

3 In work of model have many competition and pressure . Had some cases come to you ? What would you do with the obstacles ?
Modeling had always a lot of competition and a lot of pressure that is right ! something going on I do not want to but it still dispute happened …I’ve never do like that ! if it happens to me, I will silence the next step will not dispute then the enemy will understand and retreat

4 Have you ever join big contest yet? Do you want to become a famous model? Plan during your next?
Because this year I was old enough to participate in a major competition, . many people known me because exceptional height and age i was too young. In this year my company will introduct me join the Miss Viet Nam in the coming time. Hope everyone welcome and support ….

5 What conditions to become famous model ? Modeling foreigners and Modeling viet nam have difference?
I think to become famous model first must have a height and externality , face . Second is moral, belief and passion ….
foreign models of course than Vietnam alot of thing . by me and many people evaluate is like that,But each of which has its good . I think modeling Vietnam needs to try harder on the experience and professionalism .. important that they know how to make fashion more …

6 If not modeling, what would you do? what is your dreams?
If i do not do patterns, I would be a flight attendant , My dream is was flying over sky and visit many different countries around the world …

Thanks Huynh Tien ! We wish you always be pretty, success in work, life and dreams!

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