Karina Blancovi

Karina Blancovi

H – Our guest today is Karina Blancovi Dominican actress and model who has for several years living and working in New York, Karina Hello how are you?

K – Hi, I’m really glad that you are interested to know about the work I’m doing. It’s a pleasure to share it with you.

H – When did you start modeling? K – I started modeling when I was 16, I was working part time at a fashion designer’s clothing store and one day she needed a model for some pictures for a very reputable magazine in my country, she asked me to try on the clothes and that became my first modeling job, thankfully I had already been to modeling school and was able to take full advantage of the opportunity.

H – How did you choose to move from model to actress? K- As a child I always wanted to be an actress and when I moved to NY I said to myself “I’m in the city where all dreams come true”. I started taking acting classes 4 years ago, and I have not stopped working since.

H – What kind of Roule do you like playing? K –I like challenges, I enjoy characters for which I have to prepare extensively and work hard.

H – Tell us About your last theater performance? K –I am currently working on a bilingual children’s musical called The Proud Snake, where we teach children how to solve bullying problems without violence and instead use their intelligence and always talk to an adult in these situations. This work is being represented on stage by Guacamolink Performing Arts Group, this is the theater company I am currently a part of.

H – Your next work engagement? K – I just started rehearsing for a play in which only 2 actresses interact, it is a great challenge for me because I’ll have to play a character that plays various different characters within the play.This play will be showcased here in NY and in my home country, Dominican Republic.

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