Teeze Unstoppable

Hello Tracey , how are u? We are happy to have you here again , on the virtual pages of metropolitano.it. Although we talked about you plenty during our first interview, you want to remind our readers your name and where you come from ?

Hi always a pleasure, am Tracey Dawkins (Teeze Unstoppable) from Jamaica.

What changed in your modeling work since the last time we spoke?

Actually a lot have change since we last spoke I was living in St Maarten (Caribbean) I had just wrap up shooting my 2010-11 Calendar, told you I was taking a break from Modeling to Travel & Explore the world. Now am currently residing in Beautiful Thailand, where I travel & take a vacation at least every 3 months, life is good.

How long are you going to be in Thailand?

I love Thailand so much I think I might retire here, am on a mission to see the world , its huge so it might take a very long time, hence my reason to call Thailand home.

What new shoots have you done?

Am a workaholic I literally just wrap up shooting 3 hours ago with VIVA, it’s one of the best bicycle manufacturing company in Europe base in Denmark, it was a pleasure being photograph with those bikes . Fashion shows, photo shoots always on my calendar so am always busy, very grateful for that.

How’s works around the world, what will happen to photographers working in this period?

Like all business it has its high and low seasons so does the fashion world, am a freelance model I am represented by various model agencies, photographers traveling in and around Asia has their way of getting their way to models.

You are currently in Thailand, what you like about this country do you feel comfortable working there?

I LOVE Thailand, I love the food, culture, people, beaches, safety…. I wake up every day in paradise. As the Thai’s say “Mimi Payna” means NO PROBLEM, it means exactly that! Work here is great total freedom, love it!

Tell us about your next step?

Wow, as for now vacation to Hong Kong & Macau in less than 2 weeks can’t wait lol, but business wise am in negotiation of writing a book, a TELL ALL book from my childhood struggles, family lies and betrayal …. Tons of business doors are opening, taking it slowly trying to make the right move.

What music are you currently enjoying/ what books are you currently reading?

Am Jamaican, music is in my blood I love all genre currently enjoying Rihanna, Konshen, etc as for the books your currently interrupting me from Chapter 12 of Fifty Shades of Grey lol.

What are the 3 things you can’t live without?

Water ,Money ,My Blackberry

How can people who don’t know you get to see more of your photos or get in contact with you for job offers?

It’s a click away Via facebook that’s on everyone s finger tips , also feel free to follow me on twitter for all my crazy updates also you can subscribe to youtube for all my fun videos.




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