Martina Gunjaca -

Martina Gunjaca

Martina Gunjaca
Martina Gunjaca
Ciao Martina, today Il is very happy to interview you, becouse is form long time wich we try to meet you. So now you have to answer a lot of questions


1 – When you started working as a model? At what age and when was your first show. What kind of did it feel?

I start my modeling care about 11 years ago. My first show was at age 15.

2 – We know you have participated in some famous movie, which of these experiences was the most beautiful?

The most beautiful movie experience I had on the set with Jean Claude Van Damme. We worked together on the movie called The Eagle Path.

3 – What do you like most about your job?

I love to travel and that’s the beautiful part of my job that makes me truly happy.

4 – The compliment that you are facing that you like and what annoys you most instead?

I love compliments if they are coming strait from the heart not the cheesy ones.

5 – What kind of clothes you like to wear? Prefer to work as a model or as a shot-model? 

I love chick and beautiful clothes but I prefer bikini. Now I’m working for the brand called Lola Swimwear and Im the main model for it. I recommend this gorgeous and sexy Lola swimwear to every woman. Absolutely must have in every woman closed! They are my number one.

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6 – How do you keep your body so fit? What’s ur secret?

I love to exercise, it’s not just about outside look it’s much more whats going on inside of our body. If we are healthy inside the best result will be shown outside.


Martina Gunjaca
Martina Gunjaca

7 – Your plans for the near future?

Right now I’m focus on the campaign of Lola Swimwear and for now that’s my work priority.


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