Schooldrivers, Modern Rock from Greece -

Schooldrivers, Modern Rock from Greece

SchooldriversSchooldrivers is a modern rock band from Athens, Greece. Their music has been described as a fusion of modern, rock, grunge and electro prog rock. The band founded on 2008, has given out more than 200 concerts to the day playing on major events and venues such as Legion Run, Big Party Ierapetra Xperience, Fuzz Club & Stage Volume One. SD have organized three major rock festivals (Live For Life, SGW, Modern Mental Rebellion: In Concert) and were also featured on the first rockumentary series for MTV Greece. Embracing Modern Mental Rebellion as their philosophy, SD are all about creating alternative life shaping experiences. The result of their cooperation with Deejay Nic has crafted a new sound named #Rockstep. The band is made up of:  Kay Darens (Vox), Nikos Bonelis (Guitar) Marpi (Keyboards), AJ Anasto (Bass), Vl@hos (Drums).The band has won numerous awards including: “Legion Run” (2014) Headliners, “Red Bull Bedroom Jam” (2014) Finalists, “GBOB Greece” (2014) Finalists, “Big Party Ierapetra Xperience” (2013) Rock Act Headliners, “Hard Rock Rising” (2013) Finalists, “GBOB Greece” (2013) Finalists, “Hard Rock Rising” (2013) Finalists, “RHCP Support Group” (2012) Finalists, “Bon Jovi Support Group” (2011) Finalists and “The Band Project” (2011) Winners.

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