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Sequestrati in tutta Europa 16,7 mln di falsi, di cui 1,5 mln bloccati in Italia dalla GdF

Tra Dicembre 2020 e Settembre 2022, con il supporto di Europol, è stata condotta una delle più grandi operazioni a livello europeo contro le contraffazioni, alla quale ha partecipato... Read more »

32 Arrests in series of actions against the Italian mafia in Spain

Last week, 32 suspects tied to the Italian ‘Ndrangheta were arrested in Spain for their involvement in large-scale drug trafficking and money laundering. This operation was enabled by the... Read more »


More than 130 arrests during EU-wide action against child trafficking

In a joint action supported by Europol, officers of the participating European law enforcement entities and labour inspectorate authorities arrested over 130 criminals and successfully identified around 60 new... Read more »

Three arrests after police action against religious extremist propaganda in Germany

The three individuals are suspected members of the so-called ‘Caliphate State’, a banned radical Islamist organisation On 28 June 2022, the German Regional Police (Landeskriminalamt) struck against the so-called... Read more »

Phishing gang behind several million euros worth of losses busted in Belgium and the Netherlands

The suspects sent emails and text messages with phishing links to bogus banking websites A cross-border operation, supported by Europol and involving the Belgian Police (Federale Politie) and the... Read more »

Targeted: migrant smuggling kingpins with links to more than 180 investigations

An Operational Task Force (OTF), led by the German Federal Police and coordinated by Europol targeted some of the most dangerous migrant smugglers across the EU. The dedicated OTF... Read more »

Cinque arresti in Ungheria per riciclaggio di denaro in tre continenti

La polizia metropolitana di Budapest (Budapesti Rendőr-főkapitányság), supportata da Europol, ha smantellato un’organizzazione criminale coinvolta nel riciclaggio di denaro e nella perpetrazione di frodi utilizzando documenti amministrativi. La giornata... Read more »

Operazione Transilvania: disarticolata associazione per delinquere con base operativa in Italia e che coinvolge diversi paesi europei. 16 persone colpite da misura cautelare e 59 gli indagati

A partire dalle prime ore del mattino di ieri Giovedì 19 Maggio, i Carabinieri del Comando Provinciale di Reggio Calabria, unitamente al personale delle forze di polizia di Romania... Read more »

Three German fugitives arrested in Spain for providing shadow banking system to criminals

With the support of Europol’s Financial and Economic Crime Centre (EFECC), the Spanish Civil Guarda (Guardia Civil), together with the German Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) and the Police... Read more »

45 arrests in crackdown on Albanian-speaking criminals flooding Europe with cocaine

Support to actions across Europe against large-scale importers and wholesalers of drugs from Latin America An international operation involving judicial and law enforcement authorities in seven countries has resulted... Read more »

5 arrested in Spain for Islamist militant links

Europol’s European Counter Terrorism Centre has supported the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) in a major crackdown on jihadists, including those operating online. A total of five suspected members... Read more »

Europol coordina l’azione contro i manuali delle bombe disponibili online

Il 1° Febbraio si è svolta presso la sede dell’Europol una Giornata d’azione di rinvio su larga scala contro i contenuti terroristici online. La European Union Internet Referral Unit... Read more »

29 arrested in Albania, Greece and Italy for smuggling more than 1 100 migrants in yachts

Active along the Eastern Mediterranean road, the criminal network made several hundred million euros in illegal profits An investigation involving the Albanian Criminal Police (Policia e Shtetit), the Hellenic... Read more »

Europol coordinates referral action targeting migrant smuggling from Belarus

On 16 December, a total of 455 social media accounts facilitating the illegal immigration from Belarus to Europe have been targeted as a result of a large-scale referral action.... Read more »

17 arrests in Spain for large-scale drug trafficking and money laundering

The criminal network allegedly smuggled tonnes of hashish and cocaine from Morocco to Spain The action days on 14 and 15 December 2021 led to: 16 house searches (in... Read more »

Europol. European Money Mule Action leads to 1 803 arrests

Investigation reveals money mules were laundering profits from online fraud schemes such as business email compromise and Forex scams. Today saw the conclusion of the anti-money mule operation EMMA... Read more »

Europol. End of the road for Romanian criminals targeting cargo transports

Legitimate logistics work used as cover for string of robbery attacks on drivers’ rest areas An organised criminal group involving 30 Romanian nationals has been apprehended following an operation... Read more »

Energy efficiency funds fraudsters deactivated in Italy

The criminal network allegedly laundered more than €14 million through bank accounts in several European countries The Italian Financial Corps (Guardia di Finanza), the German Duisburg Police (Polizei Duisburg)... Read more »

Over 150 arrests made in 3-day operation against organised property crime

Criminals left empty-handed after thousands of vehicles checked and premises searched across 17 countries* The latest actions under Operation Trivium, a multi-country operation against organised property crime on Europe’s... Read more »

Tabletop exercise hosted by Europol to disrupt terrorist content online

International tabletop exercise organised to further bolster cross-sector collaboration in the aftermath of a terrorist event On 5 November 2021, Europol, in cooperation with the European Commission, organised a... Read more »