Europol. Massive investigation in Italy combating online child sexual abuse

Communications took place through a popular instant messaging application, and they were referred to the police once they were detected by the service owners. A successful investigation to tackle... Read more »

Italy and Romania take down cyber fraud ring generating €20 million per year in criminal profits

The criminal group was using a large network of money mules in Italy to launder their criminal profits from a variety of cybercrime activities The Italian National Postal and... Read more »

12 Arrestes in big hit against ‘Ndrangheta mafia in Italy

During an action day in the early hours of 30 June 2020, over 200 officers from the Italian Carabinieri  (Arma dei Carabinieri) in Piedmont and the Italian State Police... Read more »

Fake wines sold under expensive italian labels off the market

Empty bottles of high quality wines were refilled with low quality beverage and marketed online as genuine ones “on offer” The Italian NAS Carabinieri of Florence (Arma dei Carabinieri),... Read more »

2.5 Tonnes of waste trafficked from the Canary Islands to Africa

700 kg of electrical waste and electronic equipment was among the waste seized by the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) after a two-year investigation. An organised crime group has... Read more »

Individual arrested in Madrid for transferring money to Syria to fund the return of foreign terrorist fighters to Europe

On 9 June 2020, Europol supported the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) in arresting a man in Madrid suspected of transferring money between several European and Arabian countries via... Read more »

A record number of 1346 tonnes of illegal pesticides taken off the market in 2020 global operation Silver Axe

Counterfeits, banned products and unregulated imports targeted to protect health and the environment Europol coordinated the fifth edition of operation Silver Axe which saw twice the amount of illegal... Read more »

Europol: 3 arrested in Hungar y in €1.4 million VAT fraud investigation

Last week, the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration (Nemzeti Adó és Vámhivatal) unravelled a sophisticated tax evasion scheme which caused close to half a billion forints (€ 1.4... Read more »

International collaboration leads to arrest of child sexual abuser in Italy

Within 10 days of the discovery of the videos online, a 30-year old individual was arrested by the Italian State Police (Polizia di Stato) as a result of an... Read more »

101 arrested and 19,000 stolen artefacts recovered in international crackdown on art trafficking

More than 19,000 archaeological artefacts and other artworks have been recovered as part of a global operation spanning 103 countries and focusing on the dismantlement of international networks of... Read more »

Hacker group selling databases with millions of user credentials busted in Poland and Switzerland

Hackers accessed more than €600 000 in loyalty points and sold them on to another criminal group Polish and Swiss law enforcement authorities, supported by Europol and Eurojust, dismantled... Read more »

International police cooperation leads to the arrest of a dark web child sex abuser in Spain

The operation to bring down a child sex abuser, who had made explicit videos of an underage boy, owes its success to international cooperation. Information from Queensland Police –... Read more »

Corona crimes: multi-million face mask scam foiled by police across Europe

As part of a case coordinated by Europol and Interpol, financial institutions and authorities across Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have foiled an attempt to cheat... Read more »

Corona crimes: Suspect behind €6 million face masks and hand sanitisers scam arrested thanks to Europol intervention

A 39-year old man has been arrested in Singapore for his suspected involvement in money laundering offences linked to a business email scam-related to COVID-19 This person was usurping... Read more »

Europol report on cybercrime and disinformation amid the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, criminals have been quick to seize opportunities to exploit the crisis by adapting their modi operandi and engaging in new criminal activities. Cybercriminals have been... Read more »

Europol: 90 suspects identified in major online child sexual abuse operation

Police around the world have taken down a global child abuse ring with links to over 40 countries through a Belgian investigation supported by Europol. 4 suspects have been... Read more »

Europol. How criminals profit from the COVID-19 pandemic

New Europol report on latest developments of COVID-19 on the criminal landscape in the EU During this unprecedented crisis, governments across Europe are intensifying their efforts to combat the... Read more »

42 Rolex thieves who stole over €1 million in jewellery arrested in Spain and Romania

On 18 February, hundreds of police officers from the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) and the Romanian National Police (Poliția Română), with the support of Europol and Eurojust, swooped... Read more »

6 Arrested in Germany for smuggling over a hundred Vietnamese migrants to Europe

A key Vietnamese migrant smuggling network was broken up today after the German Federal Police (Bundespolizei), with the support of Europol, targeted suspects across the country, arresting 6 individuals.... Read more »

Scammers arrested after evading €7.2 million in tax

Europol supported the National Organised Crime Agency of the Czech Police (Policie České republiky) in a Joint Investigation Team with the Slovak National Criminal Agency (NAKA) in close cooperation... Read more »