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Exploitation on the construction site: 38 arrested in France, Romania and Moldova for abusing migrant workers

The criminal network smuggled and registered the Moldovan workers in France with fake documents while keeping their real passports as a guarantee. An investigation by the French Border Police... Read more »

Police dismantle criminal network linked to international VAT fraud trading vegetable oil

12 Arrests in Germany and Poland and tax loss for Polish authorities estimated at €17.8 million The Polish Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (Centralne Biuro Antykorupcyjne) and German Tax Office for... Read more »

Europol and the World Anti-Doping Agency to tackle doping together

Today, 18 February 2021, Europol and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) sign a Memorandum of Understanding to reinforce the cooperation in the fight against the illegal production and distribution... Read more »

Europol. Ten hackers arrested for string of SIM-swapping attacks against celebrities

Criminals stole over USD 100 million in cryptocurrencies by hijacking phone numbers A total of 8 criminals have been arrested on 9 February as a result of an international... Read more »

105 arrested for stealing over € 12 million from us-based banks

The criminal network deceived 50 financial institutions through shell companie A cross-border operation coordinated by Europol and led by the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) and the US Secret... Read more »

Europol warning on the illicit sale of false negative covid-19 test certificates

As long as travel restrictions remain in place due to the pandemic, it is very likely that criminals will seize the opportunity of producing and selling fake COVID-19 test... Read more »

Organised crime groups fuel a rise in violent crime in the EU

A new report by Europol warns that organised crime groups are increasingly employing violence in pursuit of their criminal objectives, and such violence represents a threat to public security... Read more »

Half a million in fake euros seized in Romania

Counterfeit banknotes made by the criminal network circulated in at least 10 EU countries Europol supported the Romania authorities to dismantle an organised crime group counterfeiting euros and Romanian... Read more »

Nine arrestes in hit against network smuggling migrants via the greek-turkish land border

The network used violence against the migrants who paid up to €2500 for the illegal journey On 20 January 2021, the Hellenic Police (Ελληνική Αστυνομία), supported by Europol, dismantled... Read more »

Money-laundering gang with links to south american cartels busted in Spain

The criminal group was also involved in debt collection and contract killings Europol supported the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) and the US Drug Enforcement Administration to dismantle an... Read more »

Darkmarket: world’s largest illegal dark web marketplace taken down

DarkMarket, the world’s largest illegal marketplace on the dark web, has been taken offline in an international operation involving Germany, Australia, Denmark, Moldova, Ukraine, the United Kingdom (the National... Read more »

Medicines and doping substances worth €73 million seized in Europe-wide operation

667 People arrested and 25 organised criminal groups dismantled Europol coordinated operation Shield, a global effort to target trafficking of counterfeit and misused medicines and doping substances. The operation... Read more »

Increased vigilance for criminal fraudulent activity is advised to all Member States

While Europe is hit by the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, testing is ongoing for potential new vaccines to treat the virus. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has... Read more »

422 arrested and 4031 money mules identified in global crackdown on money laundering

Today, law enforcement authorities from 26 countries and Europol announce the results of the European Money Mule Action ‘EMMA 6’, a worldwide operation against money mule schemes. Between September... Read more »

Covid-19 waste crime: Europe-wide operation to tackle unlawful sanitary waste disposal

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Europol identified the potential growth in unlawful sanitary waste treatment and disposal, as a result Europol launched operation Retrovirus. Officers carried out... Read more »

Europol. Two arrests in Spain for terrorist financing

The individuals are believed to be part of a structure collecting financial contributions from followers of the so-called Islamic State. The Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) supported by Europol,... Read more »

Electricity bill of over €1.5 million leads police to 5 illegal marijuana plantations in Spain

Last month,  the Spanish National Police (Policia Nacional), together with the Dutch Police (Politie) and the Belgian Federal Police (Federale Politie, Police Fédérale) and Europol seized more than 34 000 plants... Read more »

Romanian duo arrested for running malware encryption service to bypass antivirus software

Two Romanian suspects have been arrested yesterday for allegedly running the CyberSeal and Dataprotector crypting services to evade antivirus software detection. These services have been purchased by more than... Read more »

Olanda, L’Aia: il Centro Europeo Antiterrorismo di EUROPOL avrà una guida italiana

L’incarico è stato affidato a Claudio Galzerano, Capo del Servizio per il contrasto all’estremismo di matrice internazionale della Polizia di prevenzione Il Centro europeo antiterrorismo di EUROPOL avrà dal... Read more »

Europol. 1776 Firearms seized in international sweep against illegal trafficking of Turkish manufactured weapons

A total of 24 European countries[1] supported by EU institutions and agencies[2] including Europol, have come together to target alarm and signal weapons of Turkish origin illegally trafficked into the EU... Read more »