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Violent trafficking network smuggling migrants and exploiting minors taken down in France and Belgium

13 Sìtruspects were arrested and 15 minor victims of the network were brought to safety This week a Franco-Belgian investigation supported by Europol uncovered a large criminal network involved... Read more »

26 Arrested for smuggling irregular migrants through Belgium and France

The criminal network provided transport and hiding locations in the two transit countries Law enforcement and judicial authorities from Belgium and France, supported by Europol and Eurojust, dismantled a... Read more »

Spanish police arrest 26 for smuggling migrants from Algeria and Morocco

On 19 November 2019, the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) dismantled an organised criminal group specialised in migrant smuggling using speedboats from Algeria and Morocco to Europe. The operation,... Read more »

Iraqi group busted for smuggling migrants from Spain to the UK

The gang smuggled the migrants, mainly Albanian nationals and refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Syria, on regular ferries. Seven members of the network have been arrested. Europol has... Read more »

Europol, migrant smuggling organised crime group dismantled in Greece

An organised crime group involved in smuggling migrants from Greece to other European Union countries has been dismantled in Athens, Greece. The operation was jointly carried out by Attika... Read more »

Ring of Pakistani migrant smugglers prosecuted

Law enforcement authorities of Germany, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia, in strong cooperation with Europol’s European Migrant Smuggling Centre, have dismantled an organised crime group that arranged smuggling of migrants... Read more »

Suspected criminal network smuggling Iranian migrants into the UK tackled

On 8 December, 24 people were arrested as several homes were searched in Greece as part of a joint investigation by Greece and the UK, supported by Europol. The... Read more »

39 migrant smugglers arrested during Sirocco-2 Action Day along Western-Balkan route

Europol has supported the Sirocco-2 action day to dismantle migrant smuggling criminal networks operating along the Western-Balkan channel. All relevant countries from the South East European region participated in... Read more »

Europol: latest trends in migrant smuggling: nearly 7000 suspected smugglers reported, increased exploitation, higher prices

Between January and June 2016, Europol received intelligence on more than 7000 newly-identified migrant smuggling suspects. 95% of them are male, with an average age of 36. Recent data... Read more »