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Ruth Maingi

Hi Ruth ,welcome on ours virtual pages…

1 Tell us about yourself, your life, how and when it is born in you the desire of becoming an actress and model.

Ruth Maingi

I am a kenyan woman in love with arts. Born in 1983 in a small town outside Nairobi and coming from a family of seven , am very outgoing ,experimental..loves fashion, a stylist in my own right and very opiniated ..all through my growing up i loved performing. at a tender age of 5 in kindergarten doing plays and musicals through to high school ,where winning awards for ‘best actress’ since childhood i knew for sure that i was destined for this and as they say home is where the heart is…after graduating my high school i enrolled with The kenya performing art school where i studied theatre and dance for 3years.i majored in african dance ,contemporary dance ,jazz and traditional dances. theatre movement ,stage acting and screen .I also learnt modelling catwalk and photoghraphy .with this training i felt well prepared to take on my passion professionally and there was the launch of my career. My major desire of becoming an artist was the beauty and the ability to communicate without having to say body can speak!

2 The professional experience that you have far more gratified

I have been priviledged to have a professional experience in acting where i have been casted for major roles in local tv dramas,soaps,movies,films and commercials.currently doing the biggest soap opera in Kenya called’ Lies tha Bind’ with a lead role.i have also been priviledged to do a runway fashion show called African Fashion Fair with local and international designers. done a major stage musical called Kigezi Ndoto that toured East Africa. Have shared a dance stages with international dancers and travelled the world to peform dance.these performances are more and over gratified because the experiences were different ,amazing and satyisfying.and above all living my dream and making a living out of it.

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3 You studied to improve yourself in the profession? Who are your idols?

I was priviledged to enroll in a perfoming art school where i learnt about the profession for 3yrs.for me to stay on top of my game i never stop learning,i attend intense workshops that are conducted by professionals .i also attend acting classes to master and sharpen the art because there is always something to learn and also by watching movies as well.

4 Future plans?

In future i would love to be casted for a block buster movie .go past my country and do an international movie and share a set with big names.but until then i will stop at nothing!

You can check a commercial i have done on you tube dubbed as CBA TIME FOR MORE..

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