Scottie Armonie "Queen of Long Island" -

Scottie Armonie “Queen of Long Island”

Hi Scottie, today Il is very happy to interview you, becouse is form long time wich we try to meet you. So now you have to answer a lot of questions

How many years did you start to sing professionally?Scottie Armonie

First off i don’t sing , i don’t know what i do . i do everything but most of the time i rap and hip hop and then there’s rock ,pop , R&b , soul , Jazz , Techno ,country ,Latino Reggae Lol i know that’s a lot but i don’t discriminate . i officially started music at 16 and put out my first song at 17years old.

What was your first exibition? And what was your first song?

I was 14years old i had to sing at the Marriott Hotel those are really dope hotels in America , dope means like cool nice. But yeah i had to sing for my pastor and the whole church congregation i was just singing gospel at the time though.

You Write and u choose the words of your songs?

YES! i doNT let anyone write my music or even give me advice forget writing it Lol like even when im in the studio if someone gives me there 2cents i would politely ask them to leave Lol

How do you interpret a style like the RAP? A type of street music very hard, ,may be nice for a men ..Scottie Armonie

Rap to me is deep poetic words and im not even a poet but its like real raw real raunchy too its like its naked nofilter like, sort of outspoken sort of as far as the men me personally i dont write music for men that’s the easy way in i just WRITE MUSIC period. Whoever likes it likes it.

With what famous music star u would like to sing?

Beyonce!! Micheal jackson, and Tupac Shakaur Scottie Armonie

Tell us about your latest single?

EVERYTHING – i took a chance with This Single but i didnt know if people was going to like it but i jumped in no looking back i just tested the waters really and i tried to mix all the sounds together on one song , And it worked !!

“SHOUTOUT TO Www.ILMETROPOLITANO.IT And Italy i love you!!! fff

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