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The Piano Has Been Thinking Flyer
The Piano Has Been Thinking Flyer

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Ania Paz Jazz Ensamble announce its 5th CD launching, “The Piano has been Thinking”, dedicated to German educator Günther Herzfeld from the Music University Detmold.  This event will take place on Thursday July 25th at 8:30 pm at the Teatro Nacional in Santo Domingo, Sala Aída Bonnelly; and will be attended by the Embassy Commercial Attaché, Gabriele Weber. Renowned musicians Virgilio Féliz Junior on bass, Félix Cabral on drums, Juamy Fernández on percussion, and Ania Paz at the piano and conducting will participate. Already established in the national and international milieu as an artistic group committed to a new sound in Contemporary Latin Jazz, the Ania Paz Jazz Ensamble has produced 5 albums with original music. The band’s history includes festivals in the United States, France, Peru and the Dominican Republic, pioneering in integrating multi-disciplines and multiculturalism into Jazz. Its conceptual productions with inspirational values and messages to the community include performances for the United Nations, the European union, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Goethe Institute of Mexico, among others. Their CDs have received excellent reviews by international media, such as by Wes Gillespie in Euro Club De Jazz from England, by Fabrizio Pace in Il Metropolitano from Italy, and by Angel Páez in La República newspaper from Peru. The 5th CD recording was inspired by a recent encounter between the artist Ania Paz and her teacher in Germany, with whom she visited the classrooms and facilities of the University of Detmold, her Alma Mater; and with whom she shared, for the last time, musical and multidisciplinary concepts at the various German Steinway grand pianos of this prestigious institution. In addition, during almost all her life, and especially during the last year before his parting, the pianist was musically guided by the mentor.  This homage to Günther Herzfeld is also an homage to the artistic and pedagogical values of musical education in Germany, brought to the Dominican community during 18 years, through Ania Paz’ work. On the other hand, the artist and the Embassy of Germany have worked together in the creation and production of several successful cultural projects duringall these years in the Dominican Republic. The event features the importance of culturalcooperation between both countries, and aspires to motivate to a musical closeness between both cultures. It is sponsored by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Banreservas, Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito and the Ania Paz Jazz Ensamble.

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