Scottie Armonie: “Daddy Lessons”

MET; – Hello Scottie Armonie welcome to Imetropolitiano it’s been a while;

SCOTTIE; Watup Guys!! nice to be back! 

MET; what you working on lately any new music any new videos or Mixtapes
SCOTTIE ; YES!! A new mixtape called “DADDY LESSONS” it was inspired by JAYZ and Beyoncé because they saved my life in a way
MET; how did they save your life
SCOTTIE; I liked the way they both were very honest and I have been looking for something to inspire me to help me release my demons that have been plaguing me 
MET; like what?
SCOTTIE; idk, like the way I’ve lived my life or the way I’ve allowed hurt or sadness to turn to anger 
MET; and do you think you’ve let that happen?
SCOTTIE; yes, yes I do 
MET; why?
SCOTTIE; ummm , …… because
MET; because what?
SCOTTIE; because inside I’m hurting 
MET; why are you hurting Scottie?
SCOTTIE; *Begins To Cry* …..
MET; do you want a minute?
SCOTTIE; No, because I don’t think that I got to have a childhood you know I was in foster care since I was 5 years old. Orphaned and shit I used to watch my mother and father get high off crack. I remember when the police raided my house in Harlem and I remember being petrafied and not knowing what the hell is going on I remember always stealing my dads tape recorder and listening to music when he would be violent with my mom in front of me and I was only 4 and my mother spoke no English just a lot man that’s why I can’t wait to release my music 
MET; ok and have you thought about seeking therapy
SCOTTIE; nah it’s not really my thing I’d rather keep it to myself or write about it in my music 
MET; so music has always been a way for you to escape huh?
SCOTTIE; yes I remember pretending to be somewhere else or someone else whenever there was confusion my mother really didn’t speak English so I had to help her a lot and it was just a lot for me so I’d always use music to escape into fantasy land where no one could reach me
MET; how do you think music effects you now that your an adult ?
SCOTTIE; I suffer with Anxiety so the only time I ever feel normal is when I’m on stage or in the studio other then that I’m lowkey unless I’m drunk or high 
MET; and what do you do?, what do you mean by high?
SCOTTIE; I just smoke weed
MET; and that’s it?
SCOTTIE; yes, I’ve tried other shit tho
MET; what do you want people to take away from this interview
SCOTTIE; that I’m not perfect and I’m tired of trying to be its unobtainable because no one is except god and I’m not god and that you can be any color any race but we all go threw shit and to keep your head up and to never give up because eventually you’ll win no one can stop what god has for you
MET; that’s really good, when is your mixtape coming out do you have a release date and what are the names of the songs you plan to release and do they have a release date
SCOTTIE; well I’m putting out #OnTheNoise and #LittleKidDreams there basically about dreaming and drowning out the noise of haters and telling people fuck you it doesn’t matter that I’m From Li or that I’m dark skinned or that I’m a girl I’m going to be successful and I won’t stop until I am 

MET;  that’s amazing I think your an amazing person I think you’ve got what it takes you’ve got the look and your definitely talented you write your on material?

SCOTTIE; YES! No one has ever written for me and thank you I appreciate it
MET; well there you have it ladies and gentlemen Scottie Armonie the Queen Of Long Island!
SCOTTIE; YES! *Laughs* Daddy Lessons Mixtape Coming Soon!! 
MET; any last words
SCOTTIE; I love you Long Island I love you #ScottieSquad and #ScottieNation 
MET; ladies and gentlemen Scottie Armonie …

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