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Bella PotemikinaThis fashion brand appeared in Russia three years ago. The inspirer of the brand is Mrs. Bella Potemkina. She confesses that all the original ideas of clothes designing was born in her soul. Bella first saw a lot of dresses in night dream. And it`s come true! Following the best Russian traditions she keeps nobility, graceful movements of the ballet dancers and endless air of femininity in her designing. The unique and inimitable style of the brand collections «Bella Potemkina» – that was called «Modern vintage» – has become a real trend of several seasons. Incredibly feminine, airy, elegant skirts and dresses, as angels prints on silk and luxury garden flowers on the flax, white lace collar and cuffs are relevant today as ever. A little retro style, veiled sexuality and refinement captivated the attention of all major Russian fashionistas. In December 2013 there was a grand opening of the first company boutique «Bella Potemkina» in Moscow shopping store «Fashion Season». Bella Potemkina 2The most popular Russian pop-, movie, TV and fashion stars visited the event. They have tried on dresses of new Bella`s collection and then left the party not «empty-handed». Bella Potemkina generously gave them brand exclusive clothes from her new fashion collection. The boutique also features original accessories, handbags, jewelry, hats and necklaces that were «handmade» by the designer. Among the admirers of the brand «Bella Potemkina» are such celebrities as: TV stars Avrora and Lera Kudryavtseva, pop-singers Anastasia Stotskaya, Sasha Savelieva, Anastasia Osipova, «Miss Russia 2006» Tatiana Kotova, designers Evgenia Linovich, Aiza Dolmatova and many others. By the way, recently the world-wide popular singer and DJ Paris Hilton became admirer of the «Bella Potemkina» too! She fell in love at first sight with noble and original Russian designer style.Bella Potemkina 1 In early November, Paris gladly accepted the invitation to visit Moscow to personally meet and talk with Bella. World-known celebrity played dj-set in one of the most famous Moscow night club. And then she disappeared from the public eye in the VIP- zone. They say that she had a lots of fun with Bella and her friends till the morning. And the next day Paris Hilton went on a business trip to St. Petersburg. She appeared wearing in a new «Bella Potemkina» dress and looked fantastic. «Bella Potemkina» clothing received recognition and high status. Many popular women appear at social events and «Red carpets», take part in rating television programs and participate in photo shoots for fashion magazines in «Bella Potemkina» clothes.  The 6th of March Bella presents her brand new collection in Moscow! Hope you will enjoy!


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